Saturday, March 23, 2013

I was Surrounded

     Today my son had his birthday party. The menu was typical for a kid's celebration, junk food with a fruit salad thrown in just in case someone wants to make a healthy choice. After the kids had been served and were off for the next activity, I made my lunch and sat down at the kitchen table. I was surrounded by pizza, cookies, birthday cake, chips and soda. In the past, this would have been my lunch on this type of day, but not today. My meal consisted of 4 ounces of ground turkey on two corn tortillas with point 5 ounces of sour cream, some lettuce and salsa. And for dessert... 8 ounces of fruit salad. I'm the one making the healthy choice. I have been for several weeks now. I wasn't going to write about it just yet, but sitting at that table this afternoon surrounded by foods I would normally eat but didn't reach for... the visual struck me.
     Since accepting this new way of life, all my pants are falling off me now. My wedding ring slides right off my finger. I can see the weight loss in my face. I've never eaten so many salads. I'll share more later, but for today, I was surrounded by junk food and had not one bite of it, and finally, I was okay with that.