My Current Journal

Journal #70 (January 25, 2017 - )

     Story behind the journal: Just curious if there was a Flash journal out there on the web (the "web." What is this 1996?). So I typed in "Flash Journal" and, lo and behold! This one is based on the TV show currently playing on the CW. Good, solid journal, similar to a Moleskine except the pages don't get "crunchy" after writing on them. I like it when the paper gets that broken in feel. 

Here's the inside cover pages. 

Journal #69 (August 20, 2016 - )

     Story behind the journal: After swearing I would never write in another Moleskine, I came across this one, a Barnes and Noble exclusive. This speaks to the nostalgic part in me, an image right out of my childhood. One of my favorite covers out of all my journals. It's artsy, there's no words on the cover, and it makes a definite statement. 

 Here's inside the cover.

And here's some artwork I've done since I'm in this journal in October. 

Journal #68 (March 9, 2016 - August 19, 2016)

     Story behind the journal: I had never written in a Moleskine notebook before. They're kind of the "it" notebook. They started coming out with limited editions with really cool covers. I bought 4 others before this one, but The Force Awakens had just came out so to be relevant in regards to pop culture, I chose this one to be the first Moleskine in which I would put pen to paper. When I first started it, I swore I would never write in another Moleskine because the lines were so close together that I thought I was going to be in it forever and one of the joys of my life is finishing one journal and beginning another. But as I went along, I changed my mind (see journal #69). 

Here's the inside of the cover. 

And here's some artwork I did in anticipation of seeing The Motown Musical. 

Journal #67 (December 28, 2015 - March 9, 2016)

Story behind the journal under #66 below. 

     Some fun I had in this journal, ode to some of my favorite 80's bands. Loved recreating the cassette tape case titles. 

Journal #66 (October 6, 2015 - December 27, 2015)

     Story behind the journal here

     Since I was in this journal during October, I recreated a scene from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." Drawing like this in my journal has become a reward after, say, a day full of chores around the house. 

Journal #65 (July 20, 2015 - October 5, 2015)

     I frequently type in "Superman journal" to see if there's something cool to purchase. One such search produced this little gem, yet it was only available in the U.K.. You can read about my pursuit of this journal in my post Forget You, Mollie and Fred

     Here's a little bit of work I did in this journal as we were anticipating surprising the kids with a trip to Disneyland during "Mickey's Halloween Party." 

Journal #64 (May 21, 2015 -  July 19, 2015)

     Story behind the journal: Just browsing in a Hallmark store and there it was. The artwork is from my favorite Peanuts era. Not a bid fan of spiral notebooks, but this one opens and closes pretty cleanly, and the pages haven't snagged. Actually had the book for 5 or 6 years before writing in it. Fun journal. 

Journal #63 (February 25, 2015 - May 20, 2015)

     There have been a lot of Mickey Mouse journals produced, but I have never seen one like this. Found it on clearance at the Disney Store in 2008 for 3.99 (Oh, how I love beautiful crimson colored clearance price tags). Just to see how rare this one is, I occasionally search for it online but have never found it anywhere. That makes it even more cool. The cover says, "Mickey Summer Tour, The Colony Theatre. " The cover artwork is also a watermark on each page inside. I do not prefer spiral bound journals, but cool covers trump my distaste for them.

     Here's some artwork I did inside, my tribute to the 80's: Pop culture and trendy brand names from the era I was completely a teenager in. 

Journal #62 (January 5, 2015 - February 24, 2015)

     The final installment of this particular style of Peanuts journals, the elusive Linus. Also bought on Ebay, talked the seller down who was asking for a pretty penny because this one is so rare. I personally thought Linus should have a red cover because he wears a red shirt and Snoopy's should have been white because, well, he's white, but no one consulted with me. I liked this brand of journals because I was able to get through them quickly and there's nothing like starting a new journal!

     Here's the inside cover, several drawings of Linus in different poses. Cool coloring. Paper inside is sturdy and similar to the previous journals with a running cartoon at the top of the pages of Linus with his blanket and Snoopy snatching it away from him. If only they had made a Schroeder journal...
Journal #61 (November 26, 2014 -  February 24, 2015)

     Continuing my Peanuts themed journals, this is the fourth out of five from this line of notebooks released in the 1990's that I will be using. I think this one was the first ever produced because it has the earliest publication date of 1996 and the lines on the pages are a little closer together. I originally wasn't going to write in this one and was planning on selling it because of it's rarity, but coming across the others made me decide otherwise. I think I only paid 10 bucks for it from some online used book store. Great deal since I've seen them listed for $50 or so.

     Here's a look at the inside cover and the artwork. Already have my first movie ticket glued in there ("Big Hero 6"). The movie tickets I include in my journal will add to the time capsule element of each book. 

     And here's a sample of the pages inside. Snoopy cartoons on every other upper corner. I've enjoyed the Peanuts journals, but after the next one, really looking forward to something new. 

Journal #60 (September 29, 2014 - November 25, 2014)

Yes, I skipped posting pics of journal #59. Personal reasons. So this is #60. Same back story as #58 around the time they were first published, but this particular journal has significance for me. It is the first time I've written in a duplicate journal. I started my original Charlie Brown journal back in 2000, the year Charles Schulz died (my tribute). I came across another one online, bought it and tried to make some money by re-selling it, but there were no takers. So once I scored the Pigpen journal and the ones that will follow this one, I decided to keep it and write in it myself because I like the way the designs on all these Peanuts journals' spines look together on the bookshelf

Really cool inside cover design. 

And here's a peek at a page inside. Just like the Pigpen journal, there are cartoons of Charlie Brown on alternating pages. Two more in the Peanuts series of journals to follow this one. By the way, #59 was also a character from the strip, but the seller of the journal got her characters confused and sent me one I wasn't expecting. 

Journal #58 (July 25, 2014 - August 18, 2014)

Couldn't wait to get in to this journal. I've had it for a few years now, a purchase on Ebay. This series of Peanuts journals came out in the late 90's when I originally purchased the Charlie Brown book. I never knew they had a Pigpen until I saw it online, a rare find, and a "rare find" price! I happened to talk the seller down, though. I started writing in it on July 25, 2014.

Here's the inside. These pages are from a creative worship night that I attended at a Students for Christ conference in Germany. I actually finished this journal in record time, less than a month. Had a lot going on in  my life AND the mood to write. That combination makes for fruitful journaling. 

Journal #57 (January 31, 2014 - July 24, 2014)

This journal was hand picked for me by my daughter, Ella, for Father's Day 2011. That in and of itself makes it one of my favorite journals ever. It was started on January 31, 2014. There's no brand name or maker credited, but it has all I need, ruled pages and given with love. 

Professional pics of the kids and movie ticket stubs are always accessories in my inner flaps. Max gave me that sticker of Lego Green Lantern (they have the same hair cut). 

And here's a peek inside. 

Journal #56 (July 14, 2013 - January 31, 2014)

Found this at the World Market store. The cover was all scratched up (which we call "vintage" now) and was in the clearance section. The cover has a rectangular cut out that originally had a picture of a chef showing through (see below), but I made it better by adhering a post card my daughter sent me to the inside cover. So, much better picture displayed and I can read my sweet girl's sentiments every time I open my journal. 

I keep movie ticket stubs and attach them somewhere in the book to make it more of a time capsule for the future. 

I could do without the design at the top and bottom of the page, but this is what was the deal clincher for me in making this purchase...

I've never paid less for a journal! Love those red clearance tags (I also leave the price tags on all my journals, again, adding to the time capsule element). 

Here is journal #55 (August 5, 2012 - July 14, 2013). This is the front cover...

... and this is the back. 

And this is the story. I found this journal on the clearance table at the now defunct Border's Bookstore. The artwork on the front and back was pictures of Spanish money (single bills). I have been to Spain, so I thought I would pick it up for the cheap price. Later, I wasn't thrilled about being in this journal with a ho hum design, and since it was pretty thick, I would be in it for a long while.
     Because of my penchant for retro superhero memorabilia, I had purchased these stickers that were found in loaves of Sunbeam Bread in the 70's. Instead of tucking these stickers away forever, I decided to use them and enjoy them. So I used these almost thirty year old collector's items and stuck them on the cover and back making this journal much more enjoyable.
     I'm glad to have lines back in my life. My last journal was unruled, but I discoverd after a whole journal of no lines, I need lines. Glad to be back.
     There's no publisher info for this journal so I have no idea who put this out. It's a good sturdy book, though.

Here is my current journal, #54 (March 20, 2012 - August 4, 2012

I googled "cool journals" and this website came up. The idea is to take a used book and make it into something awesome. The images are nostalgic and colorful and I looked through every book before I found this one. I chose it because 1968 is the year I was born, it's a commentary (and I'm a pastor), and it says "International Sunday School Lessons," (I grew up in Sunday School). The pages are not lined, which I do not prefer, but it does allow me to be a little more creative than usual and draw and such. They even incorporate some of the pages from the actual book into the journal, a cool touch. Go visit them over at and find the one that's perfect for you. 

     This is journal #53 (April 16, 2011- March 18, 2012). It's actually more like a notebook but the cover convinced me to use it as a journal. If Aquaman appears to be blurry, its because it's a 3D cover. Purchased at Target. I prefer hard back journals, but again, look at the cover!

Nothing special about the pages inside, no extra artwork, just a blue stripe down the outside of each page. The pages are perforated but I do not tear out pages of my journal. Go ahead, try to read it!

At the back of each journal I make a list of the books I read in that time period. I also write down the Bible verses that have spoke to me (not pictured) and any quotes that have made an impression. I add my kids latest school pictures to coincide with the year the journal was used and also other mementos like my A/G minister's card (I've saved everyone of them since 1994) and movie ticket stubs.