Friday, June 3, 2011

The Ugliest Thing Marty Gave Me

     Marty likes junk. She's always been so classy, yet she can find garbage in the street and see it as something worthy to be in our home. My mom would be so proud, and I tend to roll my eyes like my dad would. On Craig's List, she found what was advertised as "the world's ugliest desk," so ugly that it was free and the owner was willing to deliver it to get it out of his life. My wife took him up on his offer, and what one person saw as ugly, Marty saw as...

... my new home office. She set this up in the garage for me, and I must say, I think it's pretty cool. 

     Here's my boom box that I so appreciate because it's the only tape player in the house, and I have cassettes that still must be heard! And check out that lamp. I picked it as a white elephant gift during a youth Christmas party first try and instantly fell in love with it. Someone actually tried to steal it from me, but I knew their motives were sketchy so I broke the rules and took it back. Love makes you do foolish things. It is so hideous that it is beyond cool. 

This was a desk set I collected in the late 90's. Kind of forgot all about it until Marty pulled it out and set it up on my new desk. I still like it.

     These items are sitting on top of a very old record player, maybe from the '50's. It still runs, but the records don't sound too good. The nostalgia factor is through the roof on this one. The sun picture was made by Julia in Kindergarten. A note attached says, "Dar dad, this is speshul, made just for you." And that would be the Joker, Two Face, The Penguin and The Riddler standing guard (or scheming to swipe something, those rascals).

 Another shot of my new home office. This office idea caught on with my kids. Max initially set up his own  next to mine complete with army men, action figures and his journal. "Office Max" we named it. Then the kids started taking turns setting up shop in my mom's "little desk," (that's what it was dubbed years ago).

Julia has current possession of it right now. 

     Someday, I'll write about the big slab of wood Marty found in the gutter and prophetically called it a book shelf...

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