Friday, August 19, 2011

No Children Allowed at the Kid's Table

     Stray furniture seems to follow Marty home. A couple weekends ago, I got back from running some errands and Marty said,"Something happened while you were gone. I tried to call you..." Yes, folks, we are now the proud owners of a used picnic table and benches that were no longer of use to one family, but ever so welcome in ours. Marty has an intricate "free" furniture tracking device, and while I was out and about, she was even able to get the previous owner to deliver the abandoned dinette set. "Free" furniture AND free shipping. How does she do it? She showed it to me and was very excited claiming that she always wanted a picnic table and benches (first I'm hearing of it). Yeah, I was tempted to roll my eyes, but it actually fits very nicely where the kids play house used to be that they outgrew. So we dubbed it the "kid's table."
     We have been barbecuing a lot this summer and the other night the kids had a friend over so we fired up the grill. We thought for sure they would want to plant it at the new kid's table, but they wanted to sit at the "grown up" patio furniture set. At first we were going to cram in with them, but Marty said WE should sit at the kid's table. Sounded good to me. We served the kids, bought two tickets to Paradise, and travelled 20 feet to our destination, and we had an adult conversation over our meal at the kid's table. It was very pleasant. It was like a date night. It was cherished. It is looked forward to again in the future. The kid's table is so underrated!

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ronda said...

Gotta love the free stuff. Better than ending up as landfill. One man's trash is another man's treasure! Reduce, reuse, recycle!