Monday, September 26, 2011

A Week Worth Living

Last week was noteworthy (or blogworthy).
I got on a plane.
I worried about said plane crashing and leaving my children behind.
I settled in to my book on that same plane.
I experienced the kindness of strangers (willing to swap seats so I could sit with my wife).
I visited a town and state I've never been to before (Springfield, MO).
I anticipated great things.
I experienced God as He closed a door we weren't supposed to walk through.
I was affirmed in my ministry and calling.
I was un-friended on facebook.
I met some great people and made some new friends.
I was grateful, so very grateful, for the souls who offered to watch our kids while we were gone.
I slept in one morning ('til 10:30 Springfield time. It was glorious).
I was in a "Minute to Win It" competition and won an iPod (we can officially have Christmas now!).
I called an old friend from my hometown and reconnected just because.
I dined with people ready to pray at the drop of a hat (and we did).
I was reminded by a beautiful painting that some day Jesus will come back and take us home.
I witnessed my wife's compassion in action.
I took a swim.
I sat in a hot tub.
I finished all my homework assignments on time even while traveling for nine days.
I laughed.
I made people laugh.
I cried.
I bought a used book from a seminary library.
I journaled (it had been a while).
I missed my parents.
I missed my kids.
I talked to my kids everyday on the phone.
I heard my middle daughter say "I miss you" unsolicited... twice!
I watched some favorite TV shows.
I was commissioned as a US missionary with the Assemblies of God.
I celebrated my wife's birthday.
I approached a "stranger" in the airport because I had a feeling it was Thomas Trask (former General Superintendent for my denomination).
I got on a plane.
I worried about said plane crashing and leaving my children behind.
I settled into my book on that same plane.
I watched my kids run to us at the airport because they were ready for their parents to be home.
I hugged said kids.
I lived life last week. And here's another week worth living...

This pic was sent to me while we were gone. Apparently, my kids were living life, too.


Lisa S. said...

Beautifully written and full of soulful words of that a sentence? Just came out like that. You say LIFE so well. Thank you Thank you

Shane said...

Sounds like a sentence to me. I'll take it. Thanks for reading. I really appreciate the comments.