Monday, November 21, 2011

"Black Friday" Giveaway

     I have a couple great stocking stuffers to give away, but a little back story first. At my former church, there was a very sweet lady named Veronica (I dig her name being an Archie fan and all). When I was going through probate dealing with my parents' estate, I needed a notary for several documents. Veronica made herself available to be my notary whenever and how often I needed her at no charge. In that stressful time in my life, she was a genuine blessing. I also had the privilege of being her son's youth pastor for a year before I left. Great kid! I miss them.
     I wanted to drum up a little business for Veronica. She's a single mom who started her own soap company out of her home. In the past, she has blessed me with her wares on several occasions for Pastor Appreciation month, etc., and she has sent me some free samples to give away here on my blog.
     The first item is a soap bar called "Rose." I'll let you read about it here.

     The second is an item for men, called "Rugged Man." Read about it here.

     Yeah, my blog is looking an little girly foo foo with this soap stuff on it, but giving Veronica a plug is so worth it. 
     To win a bar, post a comment here by this "Black" Friday. In your comment, mention the bar you would prefer to win. Winners will be chosen at random and first choice goes to first place with second place receiving the remaining bar. 
     Don't forget to visit Veronica's website, The Cupertino Soap Company and give her a little extra cash for Christmas this year. Soap's on!


ronda said...

Love the soaps from the Cupertino soap company. They're all I use. Haven't tried the manly soap yet though.

Cheri said...

Checked out the web site, wonderful selection and will have to order some!! Thanks for sharing Shane!

Heather said...

I don't need to be entered in the drawing for free soap - I have plenty stocked up on a regular basis! I just wanted to comment and say that it's worth the buy and I don't use any other soap...check it out =)